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Bridal Inquirer Contest! September 22, 2008

Hi ladies,

I am so excited about our new contest for newly engaged brides over at that I had to post it here too! Check it out to win a $25.00 AMEX gift card! Thank you and good luck!


It’s Official… September 9, 2008

Hello Everyone,

The wait is finally over! Check out my NEW and IMPROVED blog at!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE join the forum today! That is my shameless plea! Your FREE membership gives you access to the brand new forum dedicated to San Diego Brides and gives you access to several wedding planning tools such as a guestlist tracking tool, budget list, to-do list and more! I am still in the process of adding San Diego Wedding Vendors daily to the Directory so please forgive the lack of vendors as that portion is still in the works. I just couldn’t wait to share! Enjoy!!!

P.S. This will be the final post on ThereWentTheBride so don’t forget to bookmark the new blog at


Cupcakes squared… September 6, 2008

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I finally got to try the new cupcake shop in San Diego, CUPCAKES SQUARED! While I was living in LA, I happened to live right down the street from Susie Cakes and after moving back to San Diego, I found myself having cupcake withdrawals. I have finally found a new place to satisfy my sweet-tooth. They are DELICIOUS! So we went a little crazy and got a chocolate, lemon, vanilla and a smores flavor! They were SO good. I LOVE the presentation also…they come in cute little square shaped wrappers. A very unique twist on the traditional cupcake. You must check them out…you won’t be sorry!





Wedding Maps… September 5, 2008

I am in love with these custom wedding maps from! The only problem is that they are not accepting any new orders until MAY 2009!!!

So I thought I would give you a few other options! allows you to create a custom online wedding map which you can then link to your personal wedding websites or just send the link to friends and family via email! They also have diy instructions for making your own custom printable wedding maps…all for free! If you want custom wedding maps made and printed for you, check out these alternatives:, and I also found, which features custom made wedding maps by the cartoonist who draws the Dennis the Menace comics, if you can believe that! I am not certain if he is still taking requests, but it is worth a look!

And lastly, to keep with the map theme I’ve got going on…check out! They have city map totes that make for awesome OOT gift bags or bridesmaid gifts! San Diego totes were not available when I was planning my wedding, but I was told new cities are on the way!

Ok…this is the last map related item I LOVE….City Map Pillows that are hand stitched by Cat Studio. I lived in both NYC and LA so I have both pillows. Not really wedding related, but I just had to share!


Forgive me… September 2, 2008

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Forgive me ladies and gents…I am currently working on my new and improved website which will include this blog…please stay tuned!!!


The Cake Cutting… August 28, 2008

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We thought we were the only ones who felt a little awkward after the cake cutting, but have come to find out that other Brides & Grooms had the same experience! Maybe it was our own fault because we never practiced cutting even an imaginary cake! But that actually wasn’t even the uncomfortable part. It was just weird after feeding each  other cake and everyone was gathered around watching us…its like ok, now what??? Our cake cutting song was playing just as we had requested, but there was a weird pause. I just wanted to give you ladies a heads up so you can plan your next move because ALL eyes are on you! My husband thanks me because I am more of a ham than him so I just kissed him and danced around a bit to keep him from hiding under the cake table! lol…but the pictures were worth it!



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