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My Publisher June 12, 2008

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Hello! SO for anyone who decided to make your own wedding books instead of paying the outrageous fee that most photogs charge to basically do the same thing for you…I want to recommend My Publisher! I made two of them…well actually four because they had a GREAT deal that allowed you to make one and get one free (of the same book) and on top of that they were offering 40% off if your order was over $100 so I ended up getting 4 books for $200 total! They made GREAT gifts for our parents and we got to keep a copy of each one for ourselves! The quality is really good and they were really easy to make. I am more than happy to share mine online if anyone is interested in seeing how they turned out! I think they are MUCH better quality than the Shutterfly books I have made in the past. Here is the website… Happy Wedding Book Making!!!


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