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E-pics or Rehearsal Dinner Dress… June 23, 2008

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! I originally thought that I would be changing out of my wedding dress and going bar hopping after my wedding reception…YA RIGHT! Once I had my wedding dress in my hands and it was finally a perfect fit…I would have worn that dress for days if I could have! So, I decided I HAD to have this dress for my rehearsal dinner! So imagine my disappointment when I clicked the checkout button and got a message that said “expected ship date is 05/31/08″…a month after my wedding! I was SOOOOO bummed. I tried getting this dress everyday in hopes that that message would somehow go away, but no such luck. So now I thought I would post this for any other lucky brides out there who are still on the e-pic/rehearsal dinner dress hunt. Only one problem…the expected ship date is now 07/21/08!!! Perfect for you Fall 2008 Brides!

P.S. I just reminded my hubby that I STILL love this dress and if he wanted to REALLY surprise me, he would buy me this dress for an early…REALLY early christmas present…hint, hint, hint 🙂


2 Responses to “E-pics or Rehearsal Dinner Dress…”

  1. bobo Says:

    gorgeous!! loved tis dress too..may i know d brand??

  2. genopherr75 Says:

    It is a BCBG dress. I still want it! 🙂

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