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I love top ten lists… June 25, 2008

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  • 10. “Are you wearing one of those ‘dusters’ over your face?”
  • 9. “I know the wedding is next week, but when do I need to get measured for my tux?”
  • 8. “Can we wear tuxes like those guys in Dumb & Dumber?”
  • 7. “Can we dance our first dance to ‘Low rider’ or ‘Let’s get drunk & screw’?”
  • 6. “Do we need centerpieces?”
  • 5. “Your wedding dress cost HOW MUCH?? – Why can’t you just rent a dress?”
  • 4. “What day are we getting married? — Wait the Buckeyes are playing that day!!!”
  • 3. ‘Why do we have to register for gifts? — Well can we register at Bass Pro Shops?”
  • 2. “Someone called about flowers or the cake or something. I didn’t get their name or number…”
  • 1. When you ask him what he thinks, he says “It doesn’t matter to me” then as soon as you make a decision — he all of the sudden cares and doesn’t like the decision you made!!!

Found this on Had to laugh!


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