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La Jolla Financial Building Weddings… August 9, 2008

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I currently work in the La Jolla Financial building and every weekend I watch them set up for weddings and yesterday was no different. Someone was having their 08/08/08 wedding on our deck on one of the few beautiful days we have had this summer. I get so giddy everytime I see them setting up. I love all of the different ways that people decorate. I know all of the time and attention that goes into each little detail. I almost stayed late at work just to see the bride! Having just planned my own whole wedding without a coordinator, I marveled at how brides put their trust in someone to lay out their vision of what their ceremony/reception will look like. For this wedding in particular, there are just a few things I would have changed. She was obviously going for a beach theme but the linens were bright blue and white with seashells and such spread out on the tables, but then the flowers were green and white and yellow which did not match the linens. The large arrangements were more tropical and they had palm/fern leaves on the arch which didnt seem to match the more romantic arrangements on the tables. The dj had put up the disco ball before the ceremony had even begun which bothered me because it was up right where the ceremony was being held which would obviously turn into the dance floor later, but I wish he would have waited until after the ceremony was over to bring it out. I just dont think the bride would have wanted the disco ball in the background of her ceremony pictures. What I do know though is that these small details that drive someone like me nuts will not matter in the end. I am sure her day is going to be the most magical, important, memorable day in her life. I honestly love weddings…they just make me so happy. I swear I would be a planner/coordinator if only it didnt take me away from my husband on weekends 🙂 But the point of my whole story was…this is an absolutely amazing location for a wedding, it overlooks the La Jolla Cove. If only I had worked here a couple of months earlier, it may have been my wedding location!!! Yay for weddings!


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