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Inspiration Boards… August 11, 2008

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OK GIRLS…you may be much more computer saavy than me, but I just found out how to make an inspiration board on powerpoint! This one below was only my first try,  but inspiration boards are great for when you are trying to come up with a color scheme or if you just want to make a collage of great inspirational pictures when you are planning your wedding. If you are just browsing on the internet and see a great idea, save the picture to your computer and then you can make a board of your own whenever you want! I just changed the file to a jpeg file and tah dah! I will have to make a better one for you all soon! Happy Planning!!!


2 Responses to “Inspiration Boards…”

  1. Cindie Hynd Says:

    Where do you find the time to write so much. Now I think you should have been a magazine editor! The talent you have amazes me! Now put down the lap top and concentrate on that handsome husband next to you!

  2. Wat’s up, nice blog u have here 🙂 Cheers

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