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Wedding Maps… September 5, 2008

I am in love with these custom wedding maps from! The only problem is that they are not accepting any new orders until MAY 2009!!!

So I thought I would give you a few other options! allows you to create a custom online wedding map which you can then link to your personal wedding websites or just send the link to friends and family via email! They also have diy instructions for making your own custom printable wedding maps…all for free! If you want custom wedding maps made and printed for you, check out these alternatives:, and I also found, which features custom made wedding maps by the cartoonist who draws the Dennis the Menace comics, if you can believe that! I am not certain if he is still taking requests, but it is worth a look!

And lastly, to keep with the map theme I’ve got going on…check out! They have city map totes that make for awesome OOT gift bags or bridesmaid gifts! San Diego totes were not available when I was planning my wedding, but I was told new cities are on the way!

Ok…this is the last map related item I LOVE….City Map Pillows that are hand stitched by Cat Studio. I lived in both NYC and LA so I have both pillows. Not really wedding related, but I just had to share!