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Lazaro Trunk Show!!! June 30, 2008

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Another trunk show at Mon Amie Bridal Salon! This one runs July 4th-July 13th with a special appearance from the designer on July 11th-13th only! This trunk show will feature the new 2008 Fall Lazaro Bridal and Bridesmaid collection. Mon Amie Bridal is located at 355 Bristol Street in Costa Mesa. Call 714-546-1821 for an appointment! Happy dress hunting!


Alvina Valenta Trunk Show… June 26, 2008

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Another trunk show at Here Comes the Bride! Alvina Valenta by Victoria McMillin featuring the new fall 2008 bridal collection. I have to say that I have been in LOVE with this bridesmaid dress since I was planning my own wedding! I think I might have to buy this one for me for some special occasion!


Anyways, the trunk show is from June 27-July 6 at Here Comes the Bride (where I bought my Tara Keely dress) at 7610 Hazard center Dr, # 701, San Diego, CA 92108. It is recommended that you call for an appointment: 619-688-9201. Happy Shopping!



I love top ten lists… June 25, 2008

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  • 10. “Are you wearing one of those ‘dusters’ over your face?”
  • 9. “I know the wedding is next week, but when do I need to get measured for my tux?”
  • 8. “Can we wear tuxes like those guys in Dumb & Dumber?”
  • 7. “Can we dance our first dance to ‘Low rider’ or ‘Let’s get drunk & screw’?”
  • 6. “Do we need centerpieces?”
  • 5. “Your wedding dress cost HOW MUCH?? – Why can’t you just rent a dress?”
  • 4. “What day are we getting married? — Wait the Buckeyes are playing that day!!!”
  • 3. ‘Why do we have to register for gifts? — Well can we register at Bass Pro Shops?”
  • 2. “Someone called about flowers or the cake or something. I didn’t get their name or number…”
  • 1. When you ask him what he thinks, he says “It doesn’t matter to me” then as soon as you make a decision — he all of the sudden cares and doesn’t like the decision you made!!!

Found this on Had to laugh!


I am having computer issues…

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I may have to take it in to see what is wrong so if I am not posting for a few days you know why 😦


Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda June 23, 2008

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Just some thoughts on what I wish I woulda, coulda, shoulda done differently on my wedding day…

1. Given myself more time to get ready before and after hair appt.

2. EAT, EAT, EAT…I was so excited that I couldnt eat…I did not have breakfast, had no time to eat lunch and by the time I got dinner, it was 6:00pm! Everyone tried to get me to eat but I was just having toooooo much fun. Somehow I didnt have any problems drinking!!! 🙂

3. BIGGEST REGRET EVER….I did not budget for a videographer. I thought that I would just remember it all and that my pictures would be around for the rest of my life. Now I know that you are just on cloud nine all day and it is just such a busy day trying to make sure you make time for all of your guests. I felt like I barely spent any time with my husband because we were both trying to catch up with all of our wonderful friends who made our day so special by attending our wedding. I would have LOVED to be able to watch all of the things going on that I did not get to see and just to be able to watch our ceremony again. I did have my brother using a small personal camera but unfortunately when you watch it on tv/computer, it is very distorted because of the zoom feature. boo hoo

4. Get a Day of Coordinator FOR SURE. I planned my wedding myself (with a lot of help from mom), but I wish that there would have been a coordinator so that my mom could have relaxed more on the day of. I did have great vendors and they did a great job of following my timeline, but only my mom knew the little details that mattered most to me so she had to run around making sure everything was in order.

BUT…It was still the BEST day of my life. Our wedding was even better than I ever dreamt it would be!!! LOVE IS SWEET!


E-pics or Rehearsal Dinner Dress…

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! I originally thought that I would be changing out of my wedding dress and going bar hopping after my wedding reception…YA RIGHT! Once I had my wedding dress in my hands and it was finally a perfect fit…I would have worn that dress for days if I could have! So, I decided I HAD to have this dress for my rehearsal dinner! So imagine my disappointment when I clicked the checkout button and got a message that said “expected ship date is 05/31/08″…a month after my wedding! I was SOOOOO bummed. I tried getting this dress everyday in hopes that that message would somehow go away, but no such luck. So now I thought I would post this for any other lucky brides out there who are still on the e-pic/rehearsal dinner dress hunt. Only one problem…the expected ship date is now 07/21/08!!! Perfect for you Fall 2008 Brides!

P.S. I just reminded my hubby that I STILL love this dress and if he wanted to REALLY surprise me, he would buy me this dress for an early…REALLY early christmas present…hint, hint, hint 🙂


Wedding Day Hair Review!!! June 20, 2008

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I had my trial and day of hair done by India at Utopia Salon in Encinitas. I was happy with the trial and VERY happy with the results day of. On the day of though, my appointment was scheduled for 10am and I did not get into the chair until approx 10:20am. As any bride knows, 20min is a BIG deal on your wedding day! Luckily I was really happy with how my hair turned out. I originally wanted feathers in my hair, but day I of I went with fresh flowers instead. I had bought the flowers last minute the day before from my florist. My hair held up nicely all day/night even in the heat…we got extremely lucky and had unseasonably warm weather for our wedding weekend. It was 85 degrees on the beach and not a cloud in the sky in April!!! It was perfect! Anyways, back to my hair 🙂 Trial was $85 and day of was $150.